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By Mary Cox

R rated

I went to “What Men Want” thinking this was going to be a remake of “What Women Want” with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. Except for the premise about reading minds of the opposite six, this was a completely different movie.

Academy Award Winner Taraji Henson stars as Ali Davis, a sports agent in an all male agency. No matter what she does, she cannot make partner; she always loses to a man who is not as good as she is.

Her assistant, Brandon, (Josh Brenner) is so cute and sweet that he really makes the movie for me. He has most of the funny lines. Except for Tracy Morgan whose character, Joe “Dolla” Berry is stupid and over the top, the acting is excellent and humorous.

“What Men Want” is jam-packed with lots of cameos of sports figures. Some I recognized and many I didn’t but because of the writing, I knew they were athletes instead of actors and people who are into sports will recognize them. While this is really a chick flick, it will make the film more bearable to the guys.

When Ali starts hearing voices, she thinks she is going crazy. She hates reading their minds. Of course, most of the men’s voices are not very subtle and are sexually oriented. I would love to be able to read men’s minds. What an advantage it would be in business.

Ali alienates her three best friends played by Pheobe Robinson, Wendi McClendon Covey and Tamala Jones when she reads Jones’s grooms mind at the wedding. It was great to see Jones again. She was the medical examiner on Castle and Kate’s best friend.

This is a fun brainless comedy you can go to when you need a good laugh. I enjoyed it as did the entire audience.

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