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By Mary Cox


Depending on your political leanings you will either find “Vice” an interesting movie and wonder how Dick Cheney got off without being indicted for lots of crimes or you will think, “those darn Hollywood liberals, how can they defame our Vice President?”

“Vice” is about Dick Cheney’s rise to power from his home state of Wyoming to the West Wing. Academy Award Winner Christian Bale looks and sounds like Dick Cheney. His performance is outstanding. He even sneered like Cheney. Academy Award Winner Sam Rockwell of “3 Billboards outside of Ebbing Missouri” fame is George W. Bush. Although he looks and sounds like the President, he wasn’t as believable for me as was Bale.

Academy Award Nominee Steve Carell played Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld acted as a mentor to Cheney and then Cheney turned on Rumsfeld and fired him when he was Vice President.

5-time Academy Award nominee Amy Adams plays Cheney’s wife Lynne. In their early years, Cheney is a Yale drop out who is not too ambitious and hits the bottle a little too frequently. Lynne tells him to either shape up or ship out; she doesn’t want to be married to a sot. I think this is one of the most powerful scenes in the film.

With all the great performances, it is not surprising that “Vice” was nominated for six Golden Globes. This is a strong cast and “Vice” will be nominated for lots of Academy Awards for acting, directing and writing.

“Vice” was written by and directed by Academy Award Winner Adam McKay. McKay got his start as a writer for SNL and he uses his wit to turn a serious drama into a droll film that audiences will find amusing.

Kuddos to the make-up people. It was a good thing I knew Christian Bale starred in this because the make-up folks made Bale looks so much like Cheney I would never have recognized Bale.

People who are Republican will hate this film. Democrats or people who had a friend or family member fired at McDonald-Douglas when Cheney as Secretary of Defense arbitrarily cancelled their contract and 20,000 people in the St. Louis Metropolitan area lost their jobs will love this film but everyone over the age of 30 will find it interesting.

“Vice” is showing at AMC Showplace Edwardsville 12.


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