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By Mary Cox

PG rated

I thought “Ugly Dolls” was going to be a horror but it is anything but; it is an animated film for a very young audience with bright colors and wonderful music.

Moxy is a free-spirited rejected doll who each day believes that she will be adopted and loved by a little child. She ultimately discovers that who you truly are is what matters most.

Kelly Clarkson is the voice of Moxy and Janelle Monae is the voice of Mandy. People will recognize Monae from “Hidden Figures.” Everyone knows that Clarkson is a fantastic singer but so is Monae. I was blown away.

Other voices you may recognize are Ice T as Peggy, Pitbull is Ugly dog, Wanda Sykes is Wage, Gabriel Iglesias is Babo, Leehom Wang is Lucky bat and Nick Jonas is Lou.

The music by Christopher Lennertz is fantastic and I fully expect some of his songs will be nominated for Academy Awards.

Kelly Asbury directed.

The script by David Horvath, based on characters by Sun-Min Kim based on characters by Alison Peck, is too slow. I was constantly checking my watch and “Ugly Dolls” is only an hour and 27 minutes.

This is only a movie for pre-teens. It is bright and moving. The little kids will love it but it is not for everyone. Unless you have a small child to accompany you, buy the soundtrack instead of going to the movie.


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