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How do you spell boring? TOMORROWLAND!

The trailers for this movie looked so good. We were going to the Disney epic TOMORROWLAND named after the legendary theme park. With a touch of a token, we were going to glimpse the future through the eyes of Casey Newton, a cute teen bursting with scientific curiosity played by Britt Robertson. Well, that didn’t happen. We only glimpsed TOMORROWLAND for a couple of minutes and then we were on the run on earth and we didn’t know why.

The film also stars George Clooney as the narrator, Frank Walker, a man who visited TOMORROWLAND as a child back in 1964 when he goes to the World’s Fair and was recruited to go to TOMORROWLAND for some unknown reason.

Throw in Hugh Laurie as the villain, Nix and a very sweet little girl with a wonderful British accent, Raffey Cassidy, who plays Athena and you have the main cast.

You can’t fault the acting in this film. Even good acting, which was apparent from the entire cast can’t turn a poor story turn into a good movie There are so many holes in this yarn that it looks like a slab of swiss cheese.

TOMORROWLAND was written by Brad Bird, who also directed, and Damon Lindelof whose other writing credits include COWBOYS & ALIENS, PROMETHEUS, and STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, need I say more?

From the beginning I was confused about what was going on, eventually I was so bored I couldn’t wait for this movie to end but it drug on for two hours and ten minutes which is much too long for a movie whose audience is children.

It has some great special effects, but they weren’t enough to keep my attention.

At the screening Tuesday night at Wehrenberg’s Galaxy 14 in Chesterfield, I asked people what they thought, only one woman “loved” the movie. Most were disappointed, several said they were bored and or confused. One woman said it was the worst movie she had ever seen, Another woman said that in the middle of the movie she went for a soda and was tempted to walk on out but couldn’t leave without her children

TOMORROWLAND opens today at both AMC Eastgate Showplace 6 and AMC Showplace Edwardsville 12. Save your money and stay home. The only thing you will love about this movie is the popcorn.

The Telegraph’s contributing movie critic Mary Cox lives in Wood River and is a member of the St. Louis Film Critics Association, who also occasionally writes about film-related topics, studied film at the University of California, Los Angeles, and worked in L.A. with various directors and industry professionals. She can be reached at