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Lara Croft rides again! This time, Academy Award Winner Alicia Vikander stars as Lara Croft based on the “Tomb Raider” video games. Academy Award Winner Angelina Jolie starred in the first two Lara Croft movies, “Lara Croft, Tomb Raider” and Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, Cradle of Life.” Of the three, I think this version is the superior movie it is more realistic and emotional. The first two movies were too campy and bigger than life.

Lara Croft’s father, Lord Richard Croft, (Dominic West) is missing and presumed dead by everyone except Lara. She refuses to sign the papers that would declare him dead and make her very, very rich. Instead, Lara makes her living as a bicycle messenger. In an opening scene, we see a fox race on bicycles which is very exciting. Finally, Lara says she is going to sign and the lawyer gives her a puzzle she opens to find a key and a message from her father.

She finds his hidden office where he has left a box of papers about his last dig. He was trying to find the tomb of a Japanese shaman queen, Himiko on a dangerous, desolate island in the South Pacific. He begs her to destroy his files so that the people of Trinity will never find the tomb. Instead of burning the papers, Lara begins her quest to find the tomb of queen Himiko herself.

Along the way, Lara engages the boat of an alcoholic Sea Captain, Lu Ren, (Daniel Wu) whose father died on the island of Himiko’s tomb.

I was so impressed with Alicia Vikander; her emotional depth as an actress came across on the screen when she had to kill a man. Instead of blowing it off as if it was nothing like most movie hero’s do, she shows pain and remorse. I liked that. Killing another human being should never be taken lightly.

Vikander did all of her own stunts and there were lots of stunts. She is in fantastic shape and can run like a deer.

The CGI (special visual effects created using computer software) in this film made it feel like the characters went from one dangerous situation to another. We were on the edge of our seats through most of the film.
If you like good action films, “Tomb Raider” is worth the time and money.

“Tomb Raider” is now showing at Eastgate, Edwardsville, Granite City Cine and the Stadium Theater in Jerseyville.

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