Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing MO

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Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing MO

By Mary Cox

R rated

Written by an Irishman, “Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, MO,” the writer is more concerned with the story than with accuracy. Familiar with many Missouri towns, I was able to recognize several of their shooting sites.

When the brutal rape and murder of her daughter is not solved after a year, a mother asks the sheriff why her daughter’s murder has not been solved on three billboards outside of the fictitious town of Ebbing, Missouri.

“Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, MO” stars Academy Award Winner Frances McDormand as Mildred, the mother of the murdered girl. Academy Award nominee, Woody Harrelson plays the Sheriff, Willoughby. Sam Rockwell is his deputy Dixon.

The acting is superb. When you think of excellent actresses, Frances McDormand is often overlooked but shouldn’t be. She is an incredible actress who brings so much to every part she takes and this film is no exception. She is wonderful, but so is the rest of the cast. This is a great part for Harrelson. He has had two great movies this year; besides this film, he was great in “Glass Castle” that came out in the summer.

The film was written by Academy Award winner Martin McDonagh.

The language is very raw. Having lived in Southern Missouri for a number of years, I never met anyone who used the f-bomb as often as it is used in this film. That being said, this is a great story and very interesting.

If you can get around all the f-bombs and other raw language, this is a really good story and film. People aware of Missouri towns will get a kick out of recognizing the locations.

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