The Wife Review

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By Mary Cox


Glenn Close has been nominated for an Academy Award not once, not twice, but six times and has never won. I think “The Wife” is finally the movie that will capture that elusive golden boy for her. Her performance as Joan Castleman is the best performance I’ve seen all year. Even when she is not delivering lines, her facial expressions speak volumes of what her character is thinking or feeling.

Jonathan Pryce is also fabulous as a foil for Close as her philandering husband, Joe Castleman. You love to hate him but his character is not a bad guy, he just aggravates women in the audience periodically.

Behind every great man is a great woman pushing him to greatness. “The Wife” tells the story of how Joan Castleman pushes her husband’s literary career to attain the Nobel Prize for Literature for his body of work while he plays around with every young woman he meets who admires his stature as a literary genius.

Christian Slater is also excellent as he plays a persistent reporter who through a forced interview with Joan Castleman gets her to reluctantly think through her forty year marriage and come to terms with it.

The director, Bjorn Runge brings out the best in all of his actors The screenplay by Jane Anderson, based on the novel by Meg Wolitzer, cleverly uses flashbacks to cover forty years of marriage without boring the audience.

This is a movie for older people; especially people who have been married a long time. I hope that Hollywood is finally figuring out that a majority of its movie audiences are gray hairs who still appreciate a good story and excellent acting.

Not only are the performance Academy Award worthy, the movie should be nominated. It is a film that wives of powerful men everywhere will relate to. I will not be surprised if Anderson is nominated for an Oscar for adapted screenplay and Runge as director. This is a very good film.

The cinematography is interesting. There are scenes on both the East Coast and Stockholm. Having never seen where the Nobel prizes are given, I found the Nobel sets are worthy of note. I found them fascinating.

“The Wife” is only shown at Plaza Frontenac but it is worth the time and money to drive to St. Louis to see this. Don’t miss Glenn Close’s performance.

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