Last night I attended the showing of “The Rendezvous” at the 25th annual St. Louis International Film Festival. I met three women who had flown in from all over the country to see this film because they were Stana Katic fans. Now, that is devotion in spades!

This is a movie that “Castle” fans will love! It is a beautiful movie that showcases the incredible talent of Stana Katic who played Kate Beckett in the beloved television show, “Castle”. I must tell you that I am biased because I am a Stana Katic fan too but that aside; “The Rendezvous” is an excellent movie that reminded me of Indiana Jones meets “The DaVinci Code.”

Rachel Rozman, a Jewish-American doctor, and Jake Al-Shadi, an Arab-American government bureaucrat, go on a goose chase across the Middle East trying to solve the mysterious death of Rachel’s treasure hunting brother. From Los Angeles to the deserts of Jordan and the ancient city of Petra, they find themselves hunted by a doomsday group called the Armageddonites who believe Rachel and Jake possess the missing Dead Sea Scroll that could bring about the end of days.

Katic stars as Dr. Rozman. Raza Jeffery is Jake Al-Ahadi and Alsonso Bassave is Beltran Reyes.

The movie was directed by Amin Matalqa and Annemarie Jacir. The screenplay was written by Terrel Seltzer based on the book A New Song by Sarah Isaias (Dr. Patricia Hellman.)

“The Rendezvous” was shot in only 33 days for only two million dollars. For a small budget film, the cinematography was gorgeous. Jordan is a beautiful country. The audience may remember Petra from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”

The Colorado symphony orchestra provided the musical score. The acting, cinematography and music gave this movie the feel of a big picture flick.

The producers have secured distribution in Germany, France and Spain. Unfortunately, to see “The Rendezvous” you have to go to one of those countries. Currently, they do not have distribution in the United States but they are working on it.

I am hoping that this film will get distribution in the United States soon because it is a beautiful film with great acting.

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