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By Chris Dugopolski


I actually enjoyed this movie and I didn’t think I would. What made this movie entertaining was not the great plot – there wasn’t one, but a really good cast of character actors. Trevante Rhodes plays a character named Nebraska and Keegan-Michael Key plays a character named Coyle. Both are part of a group of mentally ill military personnel. There are others rounding out the crazy group and they add humor and character to what would otherwise be boring. This movie is a typical alien monster movie with a good deal of special effects. The “crazy” group add a bit of “One Flew Over the Coocoos Nest” to the otherwise predictable plot. The director is Shane Black.

The main character is Quinn McKenna, played by Boyd Holbrook. He is an army sniper planning to take out someone in a jungle somewhere when a monster alien enters the scene. The government does not want any of this information to get out so they try to convince Quinn that he is mentally ill. However, Quinn has mailed a couple of “artifacts” that he picked up from the aliens to a PO Box. Because he has not kept up payments on the PO Box, the artifacts get sent to the house of his ex-wife and son. They think it is a video game, but it turns out to be much more high tech and the aliens want their equipment back. That is the entire movie in a nut shell.

This movie contains what I think is wrong with many of the movies that make it to the big screen and are completely forgettable. Many of the scenes are extremely confusing as they occur in the dark and there is so much action (special effects) that it is hard to discern who is shooting at whom and exactly what is taking place. Sterling K. Brown plays one of the government employees and I still can’t figure out what happened to him. I also think that movie makers forget that the audience may only see the movie once and it is very difficult to remember any of the character’s names and they do not appear to do anything to make that any easier. In order to write this review I had to look up the movie on the internet to get any handle on the characters. I remembered Rory, McKenna, Nebraska and Coyle. All other names disappeared. Olivia Munn is also in this movie. She plays a scientist who is interested in genetic evolution. She is very beautiful and does kick a lot of butt, but is not very believable as a scientist.

The worst part of this movie is the language, which appears to be a real trend in Hollywood. Foreigners watching this movie have got to think that F— is the most commonly used word in the English language in the United States. I’d like to have a counter to see how often it is used along with its friend F—ing. I’m not sure there is even one instance when the use of the F word is necessary, and it certainly has no shock value. The demographic that likes this type of movie is quite young and I think the language displayed as normal should be cleaned up a lot.


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