The Ottoman Lieutenant

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R Rated

“The Ottoman Lieutenant” is the story of a love triangle. There have been very few love stories out in the past couple of years. This is a beautiful movie that is basically a love story set an exotic country.

In 1914, a beautiful, strong-willed nurse, the only child of wealthy parents, who is frustrated by ongoing injustice at home, leaves the United States after meeting an American doctor who runs a remote medical mission within the Ottoman Empire. The world is on the brink of what is about to become the first World War. In Turkey, she finds her loyalty to Jude and the mission’s founder, Dr. Woodruff, tested when she falls in love with their perceived enemy, a lieutenant in the Ottoman Imperial Army.

“The Ottoman Lieutenant” stars Michiel Huisman as Ismail, the Ottoman Lieutenant. Hera Hilmar is Lillie. Josh Harnett is Jude. Academy Award Winner, Ben Kingsley is Dr. Woodruff.

The cast is excellent and Michiel Huisman is basically gorgeous. Every woman in the audience will swoon every time he is on the screen.

The film was directed by Joseph Ruben and written by Jeff Stockwell.

This is a exquisite film. Shot is Cappadocia, Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey and the Czech Republic. Visually, the cinematography is stunning. I did not realize how picturesque Turkey is.

If this film didn’t take place in the middle of World War I, I would call it a chick flick but men will find the war setting interesting.

This is a movie that is best seen on the big screen.

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