The Kid Who Would Be King Review

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By Mary Cox

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If you are going to write a script about the Arthurian legend, you need to get the facts straight if you want to suspend the audience disbelief. Joe Cornish both wrote and directed “The Kid Who Would be King” and it shows. Too often Directors who write the screenplay fall in love with their own material and the film suffers as it did in this debacle.

Alex (Louis Ashbourne Serkis) is the cute 12 year-old boy who, along with his best friend, Bedders (Dean Chaumoo), are bullied by Lance, (Tom Taylor) and Kaye, (Rhianna Dorris). Do you notice the similarity in the names in the Arthurian Legend? By accident, Alex finds a sword in a stone at a construction site and pulls it out. Low and behold it’s Excalibur, Arthur’s sword. In the Arthurian legend, the sword should be Uther’s sword not Excalibur. Oh well, poetic license.

Pulling the sword from the stone awakens the evil villainous, Morgana, (Rebecca Ferguson) who wants the sword to enable her to destroy the world. If this sounds dumb, it is. The only thing I thought was fun was the young Merlin is played by Angus Imrie. His character was fun if not really weird when he immediately turns old and voo-wah-lah Patrick Stewart appears as Old Merlin.

I enjoyed the scenes with the Young Merlin who does a hand jive to perform magic which is entertaining but that is only thing in this film that I found entertaining.

This is a show you can take your young children to because there is no bad language, sex or lewd situations, but if you know anything at all about the Arthurian Legend, you will find this film silly beyond words.

I did find the underworld set interesting but not interesting enough to recommend paying for this movie but interesting enough to watch it for FREE when it is on television. I wouldn’t even get it at Red Box.

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