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By Mary Cox


If you want to be scared, go see “The Intruder.” Although you see very little blood and guts, there are many, many surprises that will shock you.

A young well-heeled couple living in San Francisco, Annie and Scott Russell, (Meagan Good and Michael Ealy), buy a wonderful house on several acres of land in Napa, only to find out that the man they bought it from, Charlie Peck, (Dennis Quaid), refuses to let go of the property.

Although Dennis Quaid usually plays the good guy, he hones his acting chops as the villain in this film. I will never look at him in the same way. Good and Ealy characters add to the film. Annie is naïve and sees nothing wrong with Charlie Peck and invites him into their lives while Scott is more street smart and questions why Charlie hasn’t moved on.

What I really loved in this thriller that is directed by Deon Taylor was the audience reaction. There were people in the audience yelling at the screen, “No don’t open that door.” Also, when Dennis Quaid appears unexpectedly, they screamed.

The music was really good. It built the suspense. I knew when to close my eyes which I did frequently.

Writer David Longhery did a great job of keeping the audience shocked even though the end is very predictable. Unfortunately, we have seen this plot before but it is still fun .


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