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By Mary Cox


“The Happytime Murders” made me anything but happy.  It was one of the most vulgar, lascivious movies I have seen in a long while. The film should be X-rated instead of only an R rating.  Only people with an eighth grade libido will find this movie funny.  While I was watching, I thought I heard Jim Henson turn over in his grave.  His son Brian Henson, who directed “The Happytime Murders” has integrated puppets with people. One of my fears is that since there are puppets advertised in the film, parents won’t pay attention and take their young children to “The Happytime Murders,” which will be a real error in judgement!  If you go to this film, leave the kids at home.

Puppets and people live together but puppets are considered second class citizens.  When the puppet cast of a 1980’s television show are being murdered one-by-one before they receive a 10 million dollar pay out, a disgraced LAPD puppet turned detective, Crab, (voice of Brian Henson)  teams up with his old partner, (Melissa McCarthy) to take on the case.

The screenplay, written by Todd Berger is based on the story by Berger and Dee Austin Robinson, was good but too short so they extended the dialogue with hundreds of f-bombs and sexual scenes between the puppets which was really gross.

I loved Melissa McCarthy in the Gilmore Girls television show.  She is really a good solid actress but she continues to choose roles in really raunchy comedies.  I would like to see her in a dramatic role or in comedies that showcase her talent instead of her potty mouth.

Elizabeth Banks plays Jenny.  Maya Rudolph is Bubbles, and Leslie David Baker is Lt. Banning.

Even though this was crude, I found some of the dialogue funny and so did the audience.  As I said before, the story was interesting but it lost its magic because of the profanity and gross sexual situations.

Actually, I think the writers were trying to make a racial statement.  Since the puppets were not allowed to hold important positions.  Crab was the first puppet on the police force and was disgraced because he wouldn’t shoot another puppet.  Puppets should have equal opportunities with people was obscurely underwritten in the script.

Save your money and wait to see this on Netflix or Amazon Prime or just skip it all together.  It isn’t worth wasting two hours of your life.

“The Happytime Murders” is playing at AMC Showplace Edwardsville 12 and AMC Eastgate Showplace 6.

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