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By Chris Dugopolski

R rated

This movie has won the award for best feature at the Heartland Film Festival and two nominations at the Hamburg Film Festival; however, “The Florida Project” is not a movie that I would recommend to most people. There is no plot, no action; it is quite depressing and too long.

Two-time Academy Award Nominee Willem Dafoe plays Bobby, the manager of a seedy motel in Orlando, Florida, not far from Disneyworld. Brooklyn Prince plays six-year-old Moonee, who lives with her single mother, Halley, played by Bria Vinaite, in one of the rooms. Valeria Cotto plays Jancy and Christopher Rivera is Scooty.

Brooklyn Prince steals the show. The movie mostly follows Moonee and her friends during a few months of summer. Do NOT take your children to this movie as they will see children behaving very badly and using profanity. No telling what ideas they may take away from this.

Living in a motel inaptly called the “Magic Castle,” Halley and Moonee are poor and though Halley pays a lot of attention to her daughter, she is a terrible role model. She finds all kinds of creative ways to make enough money to pay her weekly rent, including prostitution and theft.

The only redeeming values that I can find in this movie are the outstanding portrayals by the entire cast, of quite unlikeable people including those of the annoying children, and some very good cinematography of the seedy side of Orlando. “

The Florida Project” was directed by Sean Baker. It was written by Sean Baker and Chris Bergoch.

If the F-bomb offends you, do not go see “The Florida Project,” it is riddled with the F-bomb.

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