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By Mary Cox

R rated

“The Favourite” has already received five Golden Globe nominations and 14 Critics’ Choice awards and is an odds on favorite to be nominated for an Academy Award in lots of categories so people will really want to flock to this film but beware. “The Favourite” is full of nudity, both male and female, sexual scenes, the f-bomb and other risqué language. In other words, this is a real raunchy film.

The film takes place in the early 1700’s. An ailing English Queen Anne, (Olivia Coleman) listens to the advice from her friend and favourite lady in waiting, Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, (Academy Award Winner Rachel Weisz). All is well until Sarah’s cousin, Abigail, (Academy Award Winner Emma Stone), a woman who has fallen on bad times, comes to the palace looking for a position. Sarah gives her a job of a scullery maid. Eventually, she worms her way in Queen Anne’s good graces and vies with her cousin to be “The Favourite.”

The acting is superb. Olivia Coleman has been nominated as best actress and both Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz are going to have to battle it out for supporting actress. All three women are amazing but the shooting scenes between Weisz and Stone are chilling. I kept waiting for one of the women to shoot the other.

The sets, costumes and make-up were fabulous. Most of the scenes were set in the gorgeous English countryside complete with and exquisite palace. You will be blown away by the lavish interior sets.

Although most critics love this movie, I don’t think the general audience will appreciate the debauchery of the royals. After the screening, I ran home and looked up Queen Anne on Wikipedia and from Queen Anne’s biography, the writers, Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara’s script is very factual.

Academy Award Nominee, Yorgos Lanthimos who is known for “The Lobster” directed “The Favourite.” This film is different from most of his films and my garner him an Academy Award. The buzz around Hollywood makes this a favorite or should I say favourite.

To see “The Favourite” you will have to go to the Hi-Pointe in St. Louis. If you don’t mind vulgar language, lesbian sex and nudity, this is a good movie that deserves to be nominated based on the acting, sets, costumes, writing, and direction. But, I am only going to give it 4 Stars because this isn’t a film for everyone.


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