R rated

This is an exceptional movie. I am visiting friends in Santa Fe and hadn’t heard a word about it. We went to see “The Exception” and found it an amazing film that needs to be seen on the big screen.

Set in 1940, the movie is about a Nazi Captain, Stefan Brandt, who is ordered to protect Kaiser Wilhelm II. The Kaiser has been exiled in the Netherlands since 1918 and longs to return to Germany as Kaiser. While at Kaiser Wilhelm’s Castle, Brandt falls in love with one of the maids, Mieke de Jong, who is Jewish.

Jai Courtney stars as Captain Brandt. Academy Award winner Christopher Plummer is Kaiser Wilhelm II. Academy Award Nominee Janet McTeer plays the Kaiser’s wife Princess Herminone. Lily James is Mieke de Jong. Mark Dexter is Dietrich and Ben Daniels is Colonel Siguard Von Ilsemann.

Each and every actor was absolutely incredible. There wasn’t one performance that shouldn’t garner an Academy Award nomination. I don’t have enough superlative words to describe Christopher Plummer. This is the finest performance of his career in a career of amazing performances. I came home and looked up Kaiser Wilhelm II and was surprised to see how much Christopher Plummer resembled the Kaiser. Kudos to the make-up people.

Many of the Downton Abbey followers are going to recognize Lily James as the Crowley niece Rosa. She is a beautiful woman. Even the older women in the audience were taken by the handsome Jai Courtney.

“The Exception” was directed by David Leveaux. We were taken by the small nuances that the director had the cast do that made this a memorable film. I look forward to many more films by Director Leveaux.

The screenplay was written by Simon Burke based on the book “The Kaiser’s Last Kiss” written by Alan Judd. The story moves very fast and never lags.

I thought this was an excellent film and I was surprised that it is only being distributed as a small independent film. This film is one that everyone should see on the big screen. I loved “The Exception”

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