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If ever a film needed an R rating it is “Super Troopers 2” the sequel to “Super Troopers”. If you loved the three Stooges, you get five Stooges in this ribald comedy. Brian Cox is Captain O’Hara, Kevin Hefferman plays Rodney Farva. To me, Hefferrman seemed like a Moe with hair. Steve Lemme revises his role of Mac. Erik Stolhanske is Rabbit, and Jay Chandrasekhar plays Thorny.

“Super Troopers 2” is a bawdy, slap stick comedy, that is jammed packed with the f-bomb, male nudity and bathroom jokes. The young men in the audience and the “boy” in older men absolutely loved this film.

At the end of “Super Troopers” the guys lost their jobs because of their crazy hi-jinks. In “Super Troopers 2” they’re back when a border dispute between the United States and Canada cedes a chunk of Canada to Vermont. The Governor of Vermont (Linda Carter) gives the Super Troopers a second chance to redeem themselves and get their jobs back, if and only if, they can police the area without problems. The Governor requires the Troopers to work with three Canadian Mounted Police until the area becomes part of the United States. Of course, nothing goes right. The Mounties hate the Super Troopers and vice versa; they pull pranks on each other. Canadians, who want to remain Canadians, give the Super Troopers a hard time, too.

The Mayor of the area, Guy Le Franc, (Rob Lowe) does everything in his power to stymie the Super Troopers because he has a secret.

Emmanuelle Chriqui plays Genevieve, he love interest for Rabbit.

This is one of those times when a good old boy’s club gets together and writes and stars in a film. Both “Super Troopers” and “Super Troopers 2” were written by the same men who starred in the films. Jay Chandrasekher, Kevin Hefferman, Steve Lemme, and Eric Stolhanske wrote and starred in the films. Although he didn’t star in the film, Paul Soter also wrote on both films.

Jay Chandrasekher also directed the film.

There are surprise cameos that add to the fun.

If you liked “Super Troopers” or if you liked the Three Stooges with vulgarity you will enjoy this film. I asked people who watched it and most of the men thought it was funny and really enjoyed it. There weren’t many older people in the audience to ask. The story isn’t bad and there are some very pleasant surprises.

It opens at AMC Showplace Edwardsville 12 and Granite City Cinema.

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