• Marys


By Mary Cox

R rated

I am afraid this film should have been named “Stupid” instead of “Stuber.”

A detective, Vic, (Dave Bautista) requires an Uber driver, Stu, (Kumail Nanjiani) to drive him all around LA while he chases the criminal, (Iko Uwais) who killed Vic’s partner. Stu is only an Uber driver to earn enough money to go into business with a woman he has loved since college and wants no part of Vic and his antics.

This comedy was directed by Michael Dowse and was written by Tripper Clancy.

This is a nice comedy that is very predictable. There is nothing that makes this movie special. I would watch it when it comes on television but I would hate to spend eight bucks to see this film.

One of the best things I can say about it is that it is only an hour and 33 minutes. Even so, it was a little slow in the middle.

Wait and watch this when it comes on television.


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