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How many Star Wars movies can Disney squeeze out of this series? Disney bought the rights to Star Wars and the Star Wars franchise in 2012 from George Lucas for 4 billion dollars and they are turning out the Star Wars movies as fast and furious as they can, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is the next installment in the saga.

Alden Ehrenreich stars as Han Solo. Ehrenreich is very cute but doesn’t look anything like Harrison Ford. Joonas Suotamo is Chewbacca and looks exactly like the Chebacca of the original series. Woody Harrelson is Beckett, an outlaw who is sometime the good guy and sometimes not so good. Woody Harrelson played Woody Harrelson as he usually does. His haircut was so weird it was distracting.

Emilia Clarke plays Solo’s childhood friend, Qr’ra. She is Han’s first love. Since we know Han ends up with Leia, I kept waiting for her to die. Donald Glover (no relation to Danny Glover), is the young Lando Calrission.

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” was written by Jonathan Kasdan and Academy Award nominee Lawrence Kasdan based on the characters developed by George Lucas. I have been a Lawrence Kasdan fan since “The Big Chill.” When I was a student at UCLA film school, I interned for Harry Winer, a noted Hollywood Director. Harry was working with Lawrence Kasdan on the soundtrack of a movie Harry was directing and Harry took me with him one afternoon. Working with these two Hollywood giants was incredible and is one of my great Hollywood memories.

Academy Award Winner, Ron Howard directed the film. “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is well-written, well directed, and well acted, but I couldn’t get over that Han Solo should be Harrison Ford and isn’t. Ford was Han Solo in four of the Star Wars movies and in the first movie in 1977 Ford was the same age as Solo is supposed to be when this movie ends. Lando Calrission should be Billy Dee Williams and isn’t. Williams also played Calrission in four films so his image is also imprinted on our minds. If this is the first Star Wars film you see, you will really enjoy it.

I think Disney was trying to do for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” what succeeded so well for “Wonder Woman” and “Black Panther” creating a back story for beloved characters. The problem with this film is that we already knew Han Solo’s back story.

Fans of the Star Wars franchise will enjoy the special effects but I think it’s time to put this legend in the history books; it has been bled to death.

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” can be seen at AMC Eastgate Showplace 6, AMC Showplace Edwardsville 12 and Granite City Cine.


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