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By Mary Cox

R rated

“Ready or Not” follows a young bride as she joins her new husband’s rich eccentric family following a time honored tradition of playing a game on her wedding night that turns into a lethal game of hide and seek. If she or her husband refuses, then the whole family will be destroyed.

Samara Weaving is the bride Grace. Weaving carries the entire movie. Mark O’Brien is her bridegroom, Alex. Adam Brody is Alex’s brother, Daniel. Henry Czerny and Andie MacDowell are the parents, Tony and Becky.

“Ready or Not” was written by Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy and Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. The film can’t decide whether it is a horror film or a comedy and as a result is neither. Also, it has a really stupid premise. The family will be destroyed by the original founder of the game company the family runs if they don’t play a game on a wedding night of a new comer to the family.

I was really disappointed in this film and found it really bloody. Grace has to kill or be killed by the family so you see a lot of murders.

Sadly, I have always enjoyed Andie MacDowell movies but she looks so bad in this film that it is painful. She looks much better in all the Hallmark movies she acts in on the Hallmark channel. So, given a choice, tune into Hallmark rather than watch this silly film.

Save your money and stay away from “Ready or Not.” I wouldn’t even watch it on television when it comes out. It isn’t worth the time or the energy. It is two hours you will never get back!


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