POMS Review

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By Mary Cox


If you are over 50 you are going to love this movie. I think “Poms” will have limited audience appeal but it is really funny.

Martha, (Academy Award winner Diane Keaton), is a retired teacher who is dying of cancer. She sells everything in the apartment she has lived in for 47 years and heads to a retirement community in Georgia to die. Her neighbor, Sheryl, (Jacki Weaver), forces Martha to live the rest of her life by starting a cheerleading squad of senior residents from the retirement community. They recruit 6 other women to join them aided by Sheryl’s grandson, (Charlie Tahan), who secretly lives with her and a cheerleader, (Alisha Boe), from the school where Sheryl subs.

Pam Grier is Olive, Rhea Perlman plays Alice, Patricia French is Phyllis and Carol Sutton is Ruby. These women are a wonderful support cast. They are hysterical in their shenanigans.

Zara Hayes directs and developed the story. Hayes and Shane Atkinson wrote the clever script that is just plain fun. Because the lead character is dying the script could have become maudlin but it doesn’t. The characters are well developed and you find yourselves rooting for the senior citizens to succeed in their endeavors.

On the way home, my sister and I discussed whether men will find this movie enjoyable. We decided that older men will find this as funny as their wives when they drag them to this chick flick.


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