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By Mary Cox

Rated G

Disney has done it again! “Penguins” is a documentary that teaches the audience about the mating season of Adelie Penguins while telling the story of Steve, a five year old penguin looking for a mate to start a family. Millions of male penguins go to Antarctica first to make nests for their mates who will soon follow but poor Steve lags behind the crowd and hustles along the ice to catch up with the crowd of males. Watching Steve waddle across the ice is hysterical.

Eventually, Steve finds his mate, Adelaide, and they start a family!

Antarctica is fraught with dangers for penguins and their chicks. The film keeps you on an emotional roller coaster ride. One minute you’re thinking, “oh, how sweet and the next, watch out, danger, danger!”

I really enjoyed “Penguins” and I recommend it for the whole family. Be sure to stay because at the end you will see the camera crews actually filming and interacting with the Penguins.

“Penguins” was directed by Alastair Fothergill and Jeff Wilson. The story of Steve was written by David Fowler.

Ed Helms of “Arrested Development” was the voice of Steve and told his story.

The cinematography is fabulous.

If you get a chance, do not miss this film. You will be entertained while you are educated!


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