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By Mary Cox


If you enjoy movies based on true stories, especially historical true stories that revolve around Nazi Germany, you will find “Operation Finale” fascinating.

After World War II, Adolf Eichmann, ( Academy Award Winner Ben Kingsley), disappeared for fifteen years. Eichmann was the mastermind of the Holocaust. In 1960, he is discovered in Argentina. The government of Argentina, that was infiltrated with Nazi sympathizers, was not inclined to turn over Nazi’s to Israel’s Mossad; therefore, a team of Mossad agents, lead by Peter Malkin, (Oscar Issac), go to Argentina to kidnap Eichmann and bring him back to Israel to stand trial.

I was riveted by the tension between Kingsley and Issac, both men are outstanding; and their interaction is riveting. “Operation Finale” is a powerful film, but it did drag a little in several places. Kingsley is the male equivalent of Meryl Streep; he can play any nationality with any accent and make you believe it. Issac looked familiar to me then I realized he played King John Lackland in the Russell Crowe movie “Robin Hood.” Because King John is my 27th great grandfather, I always feel an obligation to root for King John instead of Robin Hood.

Even though I remember the 1960 events, I was on the edge of my seat during the film. Academy Award Nominee Chris Weitz directed the film.

“Operation Finale” was written by Matthew Orton and is his first screenplay to be produced but it won’t be his last.

I enjoyed this film and found it very interesting. It provided background information that I didn’t realize at the time or care about because I was young and didn’t pay attention to the news.

I went on a memory trip with the costumes. They were well done.

This film is worth the time and money to see on the big screen.


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