OLD MAN & A GUN Review

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By Mary Cox


Academy Award Winner Robert Redford goes out with a bang in the final movie of his career, “Old man & a Gun.” The film is the true story of the notorious, smooth-talking Forest Tucker, (Redford), who always robs banks, always gets caught and always escapes. He enjoys his job as a bank robber. He always has a gun but he never draws it; he just shows it to tellers or bank managers, smiles and asks for the money very politely. He is always a gentleman.

He meets a woman, Jewel, (Academy Award Winner Sissy Spacek) and falls in love with her. Academy Award Winner Casey Affleck plays the policeman, John Hurt, who is after Tucker. Danny Glover and Tom Waits assist Tucker with his robberies.

Spoiler alert: in one heist, it is the young girl’s first day on the job as a teller. Instead of intimidating her, Tucker is polite and comforting and talks her through it. Can you imagine being robbed on your first day at work? I think I might turn in my resignation on the spot.

With a cast as great as this, it is no surprise that director David Lowery gets the best performances out of his cast. The script, by David Lowery, is based on an article about Tucker in the New Yorker by David Gann. The script is well-written and very entertaining. The film targets older audiences that make up the majority of people who want to see well written dramas.

I have been smitten with Robert Redford since I saw him in “Barefoot in the Park” but at 82 it is time that he considers moving behind the camera. Years in the sun and wind have made his face resemble old leather but he still has that wonderful head of hair that most men have longed said good-bye to.

Redford is supposed to be in his sixties but looks every minute of his 82 years. At 68, Sissy looks much younger than Redford.

I loved “Old man & a Gun”; it is sweet and funny and very entertaining but it is for a much older audience. I think younger people will be bored because there aren’t any car chases, bad language or sex. It is a well written well acted film that will touch the hearts of an older audience.

Unfortunately, you will have to drive to St. Louis to see “Old Man & a Gun.” It is showing at Plaza Frontenac and Ronnies. Ronnies, a straight shot down Interstate 255, has just been renovated and has the wonderful recliner seats


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