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By Chris Dugopolski

R rated

I was looking forward to this movie because this was a very interesting time in British History. “Mary Queen of Scots” did a fairly good job of providing the history, but like many history books, it came out boring. At times I thought I was watching a poor copy of “Game of Thrones” as there were many of the intrigue types of conversations and some of the outrageous battles that make war look stupid.

Having said that, the two leads, Saoirse Ronan as Mary and Margot Robbie as Elizabeth I, couldn’t have been cast better. The acting was unforgettable.

Also, the settings were almost perfect. There was none of the Hollywood version of a 16th century castle. The castles were gloomy and dark lit only with candles and Scotland was its cold stark self.

Costumes by Sandy Powell also seemed spot on, but I can’t say the same for the hair styles. Mary’s first style was something I have never seen in any portrait anywhere and is very difficult to describe. It was so strange that it distracted from the dialogue.

Had the editing been tighter and maybe less horses going this way and that, there would have been an improvement. Also, the story stopped at Mary’s imprisonment and jumped right into the execution. The time of her imprisonment up to the execution is a very interesting and important part of the history and may have added to the movie.

The director is Josie Rourke, in her directorial debut, and I am sorry to say she really missed the mark.

I give this film 2 stars and that is mainly because of the two starring women. The writing and directing get no stars.

This is now showing at Landmark Plaza Frontenac.

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