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I rarely cry in movies but “Lean on Pete” brought on some tears not only to my eyes but there were lots of sniffles throughout the theater. Charley Thompson (Charlie Plummer), a fifteen year old boy, excels in athletics and he’s a good student who lives in Spokane, Washington with his single father. When Charley was very young, his mother abandoned the family after finding his father in bed with another woman. An aunt Charley dearly loved moved to Wyoming after a dispute with her brother, Charley’s father.

One morning while jogging, Charley discovers a racing stable. Del (Steve Buscemi) hires Charlie to work with his horses

At home, Charlie discovers his father is having an affair with a married woman. When the husband beats Charlie’s father, Charlie goes to live in the stable while his father recovers in the hospital because he is afraid the man who beat up his father will come back and do a number on him, too. He befriends a horse named Lean on Pete.

When Charlie’s father dies, he discovers that Del is going to send Lean on Pete to the glue factory in Mexico. Charlie steals Del’s truck and the horse. Together, they head on a quest. Charlie takes Pete to Wyoming to find his aunt.

If you are expect “National Velvet” or “Black Beauty” forget it; this is not a “boy and his horse” movie for the whole family. It is an emotional journey that will tear out your heart and stamp on it until it breaks into a thousand pieces. It will leave you spent when it is over. That being said, this is a very good movie with excellent acting and a well-written script.

Charlie Plummer was the J. Paul Getty grandson in “All the Money in the World.” He is developing into an excellent young actor to watch. Plummer is supported by Buscemi, Travis Fimmel, Steve Zahn, and Chloe Sevigny.

The cinematography in this film was stunning. The large vistas in the west show how lonely it can be when you are a boy alone with his horse. I just wanted to gather him up in my arms and give him a big hug.

“Lean on Pete” was directed and written by Andrew Haigh based on the novel of the same name by Willy Vaughn.

To see “Lean On Pete” you will have to travel to St. Louis. This film is playing at Plaza Frontenac and Hi-Pointe Theater. Grab a box of Kleenex and catch this film.

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