Kin Review

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By Chris Dugopolski


Sci-Fi is not my favorite movie genre. Mainly because many sci-fi movies rely heavily on special effects and not on plot. Having said this, I find “Kin” a pleasant surprise. It had a plot and the special effects were there to enhance it, not replace it. Jimmy Solinski, played by Jack Reynor, has just been released from prison and Dennis Quaid who plays his father, Hal, is concerned that he will be a bad influence on his adopted brother Eli, played by Myles Truitt.

Myles is the star of this movie, though he is billed behind Dennis Quaid and James Franco. Hal is a minor character in this film and James Franco, plays Taylor Balik, a really greasy bad guy. He does a great job of making himself very unlikeable.

Jimmy has borrowed $60,000 from Taylor and Taylor wants his money NOW! In a robbery gone wrong Jimmy has to get out of town quickly and he takes Eli with him, though not giving Eli the true reason for their road trip. Eli found a strange weapon when he went to an abandoned building to steal copper wire and he took this weapon with him on the trip. This is a fast paced cross country chase with a surprise twist.

The movie is co-directed by Johathon and Josh Baker. I give this movie 4 stars.

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