I don’t understand why the CIA doesn’t leave poor Jason Bourne alone. The man just wants to live in peace but the CIA just won’t have it. In this fourth installment of the Bourne sagas, it is more of the same. The CIA wants Jason Bourne dead and he kills a lot of agents and assassins who are out to get him. I am shocked there is anyone left at the CIA who knows anything about Treadstone or Jason Bourne. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie. I love the fast car chases (and there was plenty of that), the fights (and there was plenty of that), and the brilliance of the agent himself. I wish I had half of the cash he has stashed away in safety deposit boxes all over the world.

Matt Damon stars as Jason Bourne and Tommy Lee Jones is his nemesis at the CIA, CIA Director Robert Dewey. Julia Stiles is back as Nicki Parsons. Alicia Vikander is Heather Lee. Any movie that features these four excellent actors is worth the time and money to see. Unfortunately, Tommy Lee Jones is not aging too well. He spent too many hours in the sun and it shows on his face. His wrinkles have wrinkles!

Like every “Jason Bourne” saga, the movie was shot all over the world or they show beautiful scenes from cities all over the world. Sometimes, I feel I am watching a travelogue. I always get the urge to travel abroad when I watch a Jason Bourne film.

“Jason Bourne” was directed by Academy Award nominee, Paul Greengrass who also directed the other Bourne movies and “Captain Phillips” starring Tom Hanks.

The film was written by Greengrass and Academy Award winner Christopher Rouse based on the characters of Robert Ludlum.

If you like the other Jason Bourne films, you will love “Jason Bourne” because it is more of the same.

It’s a beautiful film, and I think you get more out of it when you see it on the big screen. The way the film ended, you can expect to see more of Jason Bourne in the future.