It’s a Doggy World Review

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It’s a Doggy World

By Mary Cox


In the Midwest, we are experiencing the Dog Days of summer so what is more logical than going to the movies to see “Dog Days”? And, do go see this lovely romantic comedy on the big screen.

“Dog Days” is the multiple stories of interconnected people in Santa Monica, California who are brought together by their dogs. The writers, Elissa Matsueda and Erica Oyama, have done a wonderful job of writing a script that weaves several stories and melding them together into a seamless story that flows back and forth without skipping a beat.

“Dog Days” was directed by Ken Marino. W.C. Fields said “Never work with animals or children.” Marino had to work with lots of animals and several children but he was very successful even though it was probably difficult.

The ensemble cast features Nina Dobrev as Elizabeth, an on-air television person who is trying to bring her dog out of depression by taking him to him to a dog therapist, (Tig Notaro) When the station makes her share her television show with Jimmy, (Tone Bell), sparks fly.

Vanessa Hudgens is Tara, a college graduate who is trapped in a job as a barista at a coffee shoppe. Jon Bass, a nerd, who is a regular customer at the coffee shop, is madly in love with Tara.

Eva Longoria is Grace. Grace and her husband (Rob Corddry) have just adopted a child (Elizabeth Phoenix Caro) and don’t know how to parent a child. Caro is adorable. When she is talking to Mr. Snuggles, a lovable pug dog, you just want to grab them both up and hug them.

Ron Cephas Jones plays a widower who has lost Mabel, a pug dog that his wife gave him just before she died. Pizza Boy (Finn Wolfhard), helps Jimmy try to find his dog and together they forge a friendship that will warm your heart.

Dax (Adam Pally) is the child-like brother who has to babysit his sister’s (Jessica St. Clair), dog when she has twins.

Although, the stories may seem to the viewer as diverse; they a come together beautifully at the end of the film, creating a very satisfying conclusion.

If you love dogs, or even if you don’t, you will like this movie. It is a sweet, heartwarming film that is perfect for the entire family.

“Dog Days” opens this weekend at AMC Showplace Edwardsville 12.

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