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By Mary Cox


It only took fourteen years, but two-time Academy Award Winner Brad Bird finally came up with a sequel to the animated film “Incredibles” with “Incredibles 2.” And the audience I was sitting with thought it was worth the wait.

After being “illegal” for fourteen years, Incredible (the voice of Craig T. Nelson) and Elastigirl (the voice of Holly Hunter), strive to make the super heroes legal again with the help of billionaire Winston Deaver (Bob Odenkirk) and his sister Evelyn (Catherine Keener). Unfortunately, Incredible is too destructive when he goes after the bad guys so the Deavers want Elastigirl to stop the villains much to Incredible’s chagrin.

Since one of the parents has to stay home with their three children, Violet (voice of Sarah Vowell), Dashielle, (voice of Huck Milner), and baby Jack-Jack, (voice of Eli Fucile); Incredible becomes a stay-at-home dad while Elastigirl goes after the evil Underminer.

Spoiler Alert: Incredible discovers that Jack-Jack has more super powers than the whole family put together but, as a baby, doesn’t know how to control them which makes for some funny moments.

“Incredibles 2” is a fun film for the entire family. The film moves fast with many twists and turns in it. It is extremely well written by Bird who also wrote “Ratatouille” and “The Iron Giant.” Bird also directed “Incredibles 2.” He has directed “Tomorrowland,” “Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol” and “Ratatouille.”

I liked this film. Young children will love the action, the comedy, and the color while the older kids and adults will find the film interesting and entertaining. I think young kids will be able to identify with the Incredible children because they have super powers and assist their parents protecting the world against the villains.

I saw this in IMAX but that isn’t necessary to fully enjoy “Incredibles 2” but it is best to watch this on the big screen to fully experience the film.

For me, story is everything and “Incredibles 2” has a good solid story about good vs. evil. The villain is ephemeral. He appears then disappears and is not well defined as in most movies and that leads to an interesting conclusion.

The movie ended to wild applause from the audience. I rarely hear applauding this loud from an audience at an animated film. “Incredibles 2” is a must see film.

“Incredibles 2” is playing at AMC Eastgate Showplace 6, AMC Showplace Edwardsville 12, Granite City Cine, and Jerseyville Stadium Theatre.

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