R rated

Instead of a review, this is more like a warning. DO NOT GO TO SEE THE “GREEN ROOM!” As a film critic, I feel an obligation to sit through an entire movie instead of getting up and leaving in the middle of a film. This film was awful from beginning to the end. I wanted to leave after ten minutes but stayed until the bitter end.

It was brutal, violent and bloody with NO redeeming value whatsoever. The story was muddy and made little sense. The cinematography was so poor that you couldn’t see all the blood and gore which is the best thing I can say about this film.

A punk band, “the Ain’t Rights” playing at a bar in backwoods Oregon stumbles onto a horrific act of murder. Because they are the only witnesses, they become the targets of a terrifying gang of white skinheads lead by the depraved Darcy Banker who wants to make sure that all the bystanders are eliminated.

Sir Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame is Darcy Banker; he is the only name actor in this travesty. Alia Shawkat is Sam, Anto Yalchim plays Pat, Imogen Poots is Amber, and Taylor Tunes is Emily. I cannot argue with the acting.

“The Green Room” was written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier. The story is sloppy and leaves a lot of questions unanswered. It is a poor script. I am shocked that a star of the caliber of Sir Patrick Stewart would ever consider acting in a movie like “Green Room.” What was he thinking?

This movie has no redeeming value. It is basically what is wrong with movie making today. Killing is easy; our protagonists kill without remorse. Unfortunately, we are de-sensitizing our people by devaluing life. They don’t realize at the end of the day on a movie set dead people get up, wash off their make-up and go home to have dinner with their families. In real life, when you kill people they are dead forever and their families are never the same.

Hopefully, this movie will not open on this side of the river. It isn’t worth the drive to St. Louis to see. And when it comes on television: skip it!