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By Chris Dugopolski and Mary Cox


For anyone who has read and/or loved the Winnie-the-Pooh stories, this movie tells an interesting story. It chronicles the lives of A.A. Milne, his wife, Daphne, and their son Christopher Robin Milne from around 1918 through World War II.

A. A. Milne, a World War I veteran, had been successful playwright on the London stage before the war. After the war he wanted to write an anti-war book but was suffering from writer’s block. However, he feels that he need to get away from London and moves to the country. A. A. connects with his eight-year old son when his wife leaves him. They wander around in the 100 acre woods with “Billy’s” favorite Teddy Bear, which becomes the inspiration for the “Pooh” books.

Domhnall Gleeson stars as Alan Milne. Gleeson is the son of Brenan Gleeson who played One-eye Moody in the Harry Potter series. Margot Robbie plays Milne’s wife Daphne. Eight year old Christopher Robin is portrayed by Will Tilston. The casting is perfect. He is adorable with dimples. There are good solid performances in this film.

“Goodbye Christopher Robin” was directed by Simon Curtis.

The screenplay was written by Frank Cottrell Boyce and Simon Vaughn. It is a well written screenplay.

The cinematography is breathtaking. I loved the golden scenes of the British countryside.

I recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good solid drama.

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