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By Mary Cox

R rated

Academy Award winner Julianne Moore is exceptionally vivid in the title role as “Gloria Bell,” a middle age divorcee who haunts the LA dance clubs in the 1970’s until she finds a new romance with a divorced man, Arnold played by John Turturro. At first, Arnold seems like a great guy to spend the rest of your life with but eventually you realize he has a myriad of problems from his first marriage to deal with.

Gloria finally has two grown children; a son (Sean Astin) who is a jerk and a pregnant daughter who is giving up her life to follow her boyfriend to Europe. Gloria has an ex-husband, Dustin, (Brad Garrett), who has remarried. Seeing him with his new wife, you realize why Gloria divorced him in the first place. Again, Dustin is a dull, stupid fatuous alcoholic. Sadly, every man in this movie is lacking to say the least but the acting is not lacking.

“Gloria Bell” is directed by Sebastian Lelios. Lelios also adapted the screenplay with Alice Johnson Boher based on a story by Gonzalo Maza.

The 70’s infused music by Matthew Herbert is in tune with Gloria’s emotions.

I was surprised at the amount of nudity in this film. You get to see a lot of Julianne Moore and damn she has a great body at 58; she has the body of a twenty year old. I was extremely jealous.

This is not a happy movie but it is full of great acting. It is going to be shown in indie theater which means a trip to St. Louis. I felt overwhelming sadness throughout this film because I could see what lay ahead for Gloria.

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