Action, crime, thriller

FAST AND FURIOUS 7 is fast, furious and fantasy. If you love non-stop action, this is the movie for you! The film is about Deckard Shaw played by Jason Statham who seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Deisel, and his family for the death of his brother, Shaw, in FAST AND FURIOUS 6. Paul Walker plays Vin’s brother-in-law, Brian O’Connor, who struggles to adjust to the boredom of married life and fatherhood.

The action is so absurd as to be cartoonesque. Imagine two cars hitting head-on each going about 70 miles an hour. Not only are the two drivers not killed instantly they aren’t even hurt! Of course, the cars are totally demolished. The action never wanes; it is just one mind-boggling action scene after another. I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat as things blew up, people were beat to a pulp and cars careened off cliffs buildings and airplanes.

Letty who was killed in a very early FAST AND FURIOUS conveniently returned in FAST AND FURIOUS 6 with amnesia. In FAST AND FURIOUS 7 she struggles to remember her relationship with Dom. Michelle Rodriguez plays Letty.

Kurt Russell appears as a clandestine government operative. I kept expecting him to somehow turn out to be a villain too. You’ll have to view the movie to see whether he is.

FAST AND FURIOUS 7 is James Wan’s first turn as a Director in the very successful Fast and Furious franchise. It is a miracle that the film was completed. In November 2013 Paul Walker was tragically and ironically killed in an automobile accident during filming. Wan used Walker’s brothers to fill in to complete the film. The movie was dedicated to Walker. When Dom talks about the importance of family it is more poignant because of Walker’s death.

Gary Scott Thompson and Chris Morgan were the scribes on FAST AND FURIOUS 7. Of course, the dialogue was limited to a few goofy one-liners because of the incessant action.

According to Vin Deisel, FAST AND FURIOUS 8 will be set in New York. I can only imagine what they will do to New York to top FF7.

At the end of the film the audience applauded. As I left, I polled the audience members at the Galaxy 14 screening in Chesterfield, almost all the men loved the film and most of the women were luke warm. This definitely is a dick-flick. If you have seen FAST AND FURIOUS 1-6 and liked them, you will love FF7.

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