Not Rated

Tonight was the red carpet premier of “Four color Eulogy” in St. Louis. Not realizing it was a premier, I went to the movie dressed like I normally go, in blue jeans and a sweat shirt. Most of the women were in long gowns or in some kind of glitter. The men were in tuxedos or suits. Needless to say, I felt like a country cousin with hayseed in her hair but I am glad I went because I got to enjoy a good movie.

“Four color Eulogy” is the story of a young man, Chris (Jason Contini) who grew up the only child of a single mother (Amy Loui) who escaped St. Louis ten years ago and moved to Portland, Oregon with his girlfriend Anne (Jessica Laney) forging a new life for himself as a writer. When Chris learns that his mother has cancer, he and Anne have no choice but to pack up their lives and move back to St. Louis. His life completely disrupted, Chris is forced to face his mother’s mortality and that nagging old childhood question: Who was his father, and why wasn’t he around? With the help of his childhood buddy Brian, (Nicholas J. Hearne) a pop culture geek, and family friend/mentor Rich,(John Contini) a bartender with a creative secret, Chris will have to find his way.

The film was shot in and around St. Louis also all the performers are actors from St. Louis theaters. The acting was superb.

“The Four Color Eulogy” was written by Jason Contini, John Contini, Nicholas J. Hearne, and Wyatt Weed. Wyatt Weed directed.

With a budget of only $15,000, this is a miracle film. It’s a miracle that only the actors got paid for the last few years. It is a miracle that the film is so good with such a low budget. Usually it takes a minimum of $50,000 to get a film made. This is a good film with a good story. There were a few weaknesses with the script but that is to be expected for such a low budget film but the there were too few to mention.

This is a movie worth seeing and it will only be playing until Thursday April14th at Wehrenberg’s Ronnie’s 20 Cine at 5320 S. Lindbergh in South St. Louis. They have two showings a day: at 2:00 pm and again at 7:30 pm. If you get a chance, go see this film. You will see a good film and support St. Louis movies.