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By Mary Cox


The anticipated “Captain Marvel” that was supposed to do for Marvel what “Wonder Woman” did for DC movies, just laid an egg with Marvel devotees.

Like “Black Panther” and “Wonder Woman,” “Captain Marvel” details the history of how Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel played by Academy Award Winner Brie Larson. The story is fairly faithful to the comic book version. Danvers wakes up in the world of Krees and has no memory of her past life, but bits and pieces start coming back as she goes on a mission to retrieve a Kree agent. Eventually she realizes that the Krees are not what they appear to be and she is embroiled in a galactic war to save the Skrulls from extinction.

Academy Award Nominee Jude Law is Yon Rogg, a Kree warrior, who trains Danvers. Six-time Academy Award Nominee, Annette Benning is Supreme Intelligence. If I were Benning, I would remind my husband, Warren Beatty, of that fact every time we had a disagreement – just saying, how can he challenge a Supreme Being?

Academy Award Nominee Samuel L. Jackson is back as Fury. The audience gasped when Jackson arrived on the screen. CGI (computer generated imagery) made Jackson thirty years younger. He had a full head of black hair. He seemed about 20 pounds thinner and gone were all the bags and wrinkles! I wished my mirror had CGI capabilities every time I looked in it.

The scene stealer was “Goose” the big yellow cat. I loved him. W.C. Fields said, “Never work with children or animals. They are scene stealing and completely unpredictable.” Goose stole ever seen he/she was in.

“Captain Marvel” was directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. They also wrote the screenplay with Geneva Robertson Dworet based on a story by Boden, Fleck, Dworet and Meg Le Fauve & Nicole Perlman.

I wondered how many hours all the actors who were Skrulls had to sit in make-up. They were green and purple with strange ears. They were amazing.

“Captain Marvel” was a decent movie but it just did not excite the audience like other Marvel movies. As the audience left, most people said it was okay but no one got too excited about the film. The acting was good, the story was decent, the special effects abounded but….it wasn’t exciting. We have seen everything before. People who are Marvel Comic aficionados were not happy with “Captain Marvel” at all they expected more.

Don’t leave too soon. There is a scene after the actors credits but there was another scene after the 6 minutes of crew credits the final scene was shown. Actually, it was the best scene in the whole movie.

“Captain Marvel” is a set up for the next movie: “Avengers: Endgame” which will come out later this year.

“Captain Marvel” is showing at AMC East Gate Showplace 6, AMC Showplace Edwardsville 12, Granite City Cinema, and Jerseyville Stadium.

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