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R rated

If you are middle aged or older, you will be able to identify with “Brad’s Status.”

“Brad’s Status” is about a father who takes his son on a tour of colleges on the East Coast. Brad feels inferior about his life’s choices when he reminisces about his own college days with his buddies who have been more successful than him.

“Brad’s Status” stars Ben Stiller as Brad Sloan. Austin Abrams plays his son Troy. Jenna Fletcher is Brad’s wife Melanie. You may recognize Fletcher who played Pam Beesley on the television show, “The Office.” Michael Sheen and Luke Wilson are two of Brad’s college friends.

Ben Stiller was excellent in this film. He is the star and this is one of his best films. Austin Abrams is a young talent to watch.

The film was written and directed by Mike White who wrote “The School of Rock,” “Nacho Libre,” and “The Good Girl.”

The cinematographing was exceptional. They were able to capture the feeling that Stiller emotes.

I really liked this film. It provides an important lesson that sometimes we tend to forget. When we look at people our own age, who have achieved a level of success that we haven’t and seem to have it all, there is a tendency to turn a little green with envy. But “Brad’s Status” assures us the no one gets through this life unscathed and that we should cherish what we have and the people we love.

“Brad’s Status” opens this weekend at the HiPointe Theater and AMC Creve Coeur.

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