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Finally, a baby boomer chick flick! “Book Club” is jammed packed with baby boomer stars of film and television. “Book Club” is the story of four very successful Los Angeles women who are lifelong friends. They meet monthly as a book club. When the book of the month is Fifty Shades of Gray, life gets more interesting for all four women.

Academy Award Winner Diane Keaton is Diane, a widow, with two over-protective daughters who live in Arizona and are trying to force their mother to move to Arizona. Academy Award Nominee Candice Bergen is Sharon, a Federal Judge, who has been divorced from Tom, (Ed Begley, Jr) for eighteen years. Vivian, (Academy Award Winner Jane Fonda), owns a major hotel in Hollywood and has never married. Academy Award Winner Mary Steenburgen is Carol who is happily married to Bruce (Craig T. Nelson) until she reads the book then realizes that there is something missing in their marriage.

Academy Award Winner Richard Dreyfuss plays George, a tax attorney looking for love. Academy Award Nominee Andy Garcia is Mitchell, a wealthy pilot for the airlines, and Don Johnson is Arthur, who Vivian spurned 40 years earlier.

The acting in this film is superb as you can tell from the cast that is so star-studded you have to wonder how the casting director was able to get them all together at one time. All the women are supposed to be 67 years old. Mary Steenburgen is the only one close to that age. Keaton and Bergen are in their seventies while Fonda is 80 but looks the youngest of all four. If I didn’t know better, I would assume they are all the same age.

Bill Holderman directed and co-wrote “Book Club” with Erin Simms. The script is funny and very well-written with double entendres instead of the crudity you see in so many comedies today.

The costumes and sets were gorgeous and befitting four successful women and men.

In almost every scene the women are drinking wine. I wondered if they really were drinking wine because they seemed to be having so much fun with this film.

I viewed “Book Club” on Mother’s Day at Ronnies. I didn’t see any men in the audience but I think men will enjoy this movie as much as the women. It is funny and sweet and is worth the time and money to see this on the big screen even though it will require a trip to St. Louis because it is not opening on this side of the river. I think Jane Fonda summed up the theme of this movie best:

It’s never too late – never too late to start over, never too late to be happy Jane Fonda.

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