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By Mary Cox

R rated

For those who loved the first two films, “Olympus Has Fallen” and “London Has Fallen,” “Angel Has Fallen” is the logical next film in the trilogy. “Angel Has Fallen” finds Mike Banning framed for an attempt on President Trumbill’s life. Banning has to evade both the Secret Service and FBI while he attempts to solve the mystery of who is trying to assassinate the President.

Gerard Butler reprises his role as Mike Banning while Academy Award Winner Morgan Freeman who was the Vice President in the first two fallen movies is now the President. Unfortunately, Freeman spends most of the film in a hospital bed attached to numerous tubes while Banning is on the run. What a waste of a fabulous acting talent.

Piper Perabo now plays Leah Banning replacing Radha Mitchell who was Leah in the first two fallen movies. Seeing Perabo threw me for a loop. I immediately expected to see Mitchell. I recognized Perabo from the television show “Covert Affair.”

Academy Award Nominee Nick Nolte plays Mike Banning’s father, Clay Banning. Nolte has not aged well at all. He looks pretty creepy in the “Angel Has Fallen.” Not a good look. Actually, he looks like the picture that was taken when he was arrested in LA for reckless driving on the PCH.

Danny Huston plays Mike’s good friend, Wade Jennings. Huston is a member of the famous Huston family. He is the son of John, grandson of Walter and half brother of Angelica.

Jada Pinkett Smith rounds off the acting troupe as Agent Thompson.

Directed by Ric Roman Waugh, this film is a good action film but loses a little if you haven’t seen the first two films.

The story and characters were created by Creighten Rottenberger and Katrin Benedikt; they are the writers of the first two fallen movies. The screenplay is by Matt Cook, Ric Roman Waugh and Robert Mark Kamen. Kamen wrote “Taken,” “The Karate Kid,” and “Gladiator” to name just a few of his credits. Often a writer of Kamen’s status is brought in when either the Director or Producer is not happy with the script.

I enjoyed “Angel Has Fallen.” I could watch Gerard Butler all day and all night. He is gorgeous. The special effects were interesting. I thought the use of drones as weapons was really extraordinary and very frightening.

If you liked the first two fallen movies, you will love “Angel Has Fallen.”


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