Action Point Review

Action Point

By Dave Kibbler


The best thing one can say about Action Point is, it’s short. At just 86 minutes in length, that means at least I didn’t waste 2 ½ hours of my life watching this nonsensical mess.

Johnny Knoxville of MTV “Jackass” fame (or infamy) stars as D.C., the owner of a dilapidated amusement park that he runs primarily for local youngsters. To say the park is held together by spit and bailing wire gives both of them a bad name. The park is designed for a low level of safety and a high level of fun. A mega theme park (think Six Flags) opens nearby, and DC and his team of misfits must come up with a plan to save Action Point before the developer of a mega park can take over his property (stop me if you’ve heard this plot before).

To make matters worse, D.C.’s 14-year-old daughter he abandoned (portrayed by Eleanor Worthington-Cox) comes to visit for the summer from New York, and she hides a secret that could make D.C.’s fragile world even worse.

This R-rated go-kart wreck of a comedy has the thinnest of plots, and is really just an excuse to string together a series of ever-increasingly stupid stunts. I’ll give the stunt people credit, their work in this movie is well done. However, nothing about the plot is the slightest bit plausible, even given that the film takes place primarily during some never-defined year in the late 70s/very early 80s.. Knoxville is 47 years old, looks about 60, and has to be nearing the end of his “stunt-movie” career.

What was mildly amusing on Jackass 15 years ago seems just old, boring and painfully idiotic now. There were no laugh-out-loud moments for me in this film, and since much of it is told in flashback, we can guess how the razor-thin plot plays out long before the final scene.

Tim Kirkby directed this heaping portion of goo, if you can describe setting up a series of stunts as directing. The rest of the cast is as forgettable as the film itself.

Save your hard-earned shekels and wait for a truly funny comedy instead of this festival of groans.

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