• Marys


by Kathy Kaiser

Rated PG

SCREENPLAY BY: Guy Ritchie, John August

It’s been 27 years since we’ve ventured through the streets of Agrabah with our favorite street rat, Aladdin (Mena Massoud), as he longs to be living in the palace, while the Sultan’s daughter Jasmine (Naomi Scott), longs to escape the trappings of her royal life. When the Sultan’s right-hand dude Jafar (Marwan Kenzari) manages to kidnap Aladdin, so he can make him venture into the Cave of Wonders – Aladdin manages to exit the cave, with his monkey Abu, a magic carpet, and most importantly, the lamp containing an “All powerful Genie” (played by Will Smith), thus making sure that Aladdin’s world, and Jasmine’s too, will never be the same!

Get ready for a joy ride, as a new generation of Disney are going to be thoroughly entertained with Disney’s latest Live Action creation! From the palatable chemistry between the very dreamy Aladdin (played by Mena Massoud), and the gorgeous Jasmine (played by Naomi Scott), to the totally hip, and infectiously entertaining Genie (Played by the one and only Will Smith), this new version of the 1992 Disney Animated Classic will have everyone viewing it totally on board with what is happening on screen, regardless if you are young, or just “young at heart”. I was very impressed too, with the way that Smith made the role of the Genie “all his own ~ playing him with all the swagger that has made his fans love him, since his days as the Prince of Bel Air. I was so, so happy to see too, that he decided not to try to touch the incomparable performance of this character by the late Robin Williams, thus making me love Smith, and his acting prowess even more!

I also loved the over the top costumes throughout, along with that tinge of Disney Magic too, that manages to seep into almost every frame of this film. And I was happy too, to see that they managed to put the right cast, and the right Director together for this film, even though I was apprehensive to see what action-expert Guy Ritchie, was going to do with this classic Disney storyline, especially after they missed the mark earlier this year with allowing the dark and demented Tim Burton, to touch their classic masterpiece DUMBO. But fortunately, all was well, when it was all said and done! Even my 19 year old daughter enjoyed this film both times she viewed it with me this week, confirming that ALADDIN truly is a film for made for ALL AGES, leaving me to suggest that if you love Will Smith, as I do, so much so that you too have his classic “Gettin Jiggy with it” on your playlist on your phone as well, then you have no choice but to venture to a theater near you to catch this very entertaining film this weekend. But if you are in hopes that this Live Action version is going to totally blow the 92’ animated version “out of the water”, then you might be slightly disappointed when it’s all said and done, so you may want to wait and catch ALADDIN with your entire family, on your sofa at home, when it’s released on Blu-Ray or DVD!

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